Something You May Not Know About our Team Member

Did you know that Mikaela Barbour at Furry Pawz & Clawz Pet Salon is a talented illustrator?

Mikaela, a native of Brooklyn, NY is an illustrator and pet lover. Her love for pets shows through her artwork. She has created pins, charms, and printed artwork in the style of anime. She is only twenty years old and she has been an inspiration to the Furry Pawz team. To be so young, working on your craft and starting your own business doing what you love is just amazing and we could not be more proud of her.

We first met Mikaela in December of 2016. She came in as a volunteer and picked up on everything very quickly. She is very smart, well mannered, loves fluffy dogs and orange cats, and is just a beautiful person.

Mikaela has an Etsy shop online known as, Mono Paws. Her artwork is cute, edgy and heavily inspired by her love for monochrome color schemes and animals, but is not limited to such themes. She also has a YouTube channel with her best friend/business partner Alexandre Kemp. This joint brand is known as, Ghost Kiss Studio. On her channel you will find live art drawings and posted illustrations.

She has started a project through Kickstarter to try and raise money for crafted pins that she has created. If you would like to help support her project please do so before Tuesday, March 6th.  You can click on the link below.

Please be sure to check out her “Mono Paws” merchandise on Etsy

And her joint brand “Ghost Kiss Studio” on YouTube with live art drawings and illustrations


Mono paws.png