Marketing & Advertising Your Business

Marketing and advertising your business is probably one of the hardest things business owners are faced with. It can cost a lot of money and it can be exhausting trying to find the right marketing strategy that works best for your business. When dealing with animals it is important for the pet owners to know who is handling their furry loved ones. This is why it is important that Furry Pawz & Clawz Pet Salon let our natural love for animals show through our marketing approach. Marketing the old school way, on foot, allows us to interact with potential clients. And it also gives the potential clients an insight of who would be handling their furry love ones.

When you have an awesome team who is enthusiastic about the business, marketing can turn into an eventful bonding experience. The Furry Pawz team took the day to explore the neighborhood and to meet some new furry friendz. Spending the day at Prospect Park's Smorgasbord; meeting some new potential clients, handing out goodie bags, flyers and sharing information about the services. As well as indulging in a few good bites to eat from the amazing food vendors :-)

Every dog should have a spa day and the only problem that every owner should have is their pets pulling them toward the shop every time they walk by.