Something you may not know about our groomer

Did you know that your favorite groomer at Furry Pawz & Clawz has her own pet clothing line known as, Anallo Pet Couture?

Andrea Lopez, native of Brooklyn NY is a fashion designer and pet care specialist. In 2001 she pursued her passion and studied fashion design. After nine years of being in the industry, she found a new passion with animals and pursued opportunities in the pet care business. Ms.Lopez served as a full time groomer at a small pet boutique. At this capacity she provided pet care services such as maintaining the pets’ physical appearances to managing daily operations of the shop while ensuring customers were satisfied with the service.

In 2013 she fused her fashion expertise and newly found pet industry knowledge to build a business where she can provide care services and custom clothing for pets. She then developed a brand known as ANALLO Pet Couture. She believes that pets should be as fashionable as their human or dressed even better. 

Her reason for starting a pet clothing line is because she wants to see pet fashion evolve onto the runway, magazines, and sold in more stores. She believes in using better quality and securely constructing it so its durable enough to last for years to come. Her tasteful designs are cheek, trendy, and edgy. Customize an outfit for your pet through her website or you can email her