Victory......Puppy Mill Bill Signed!!!!

We did it! On January 10, the last day of his action deadline. Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the bill to give local governments the ability to crack down on unscrupulous dog breeders and pet stores. 

The inability of local governments to exercise their home rule authority has had terrible consequences for dogs in substandard breeding facilities and pet stores. The pet industry, which profits from this lack of local regulation, tried desperately to prevent this landmark animal protection legislation from being signed into law. But they failed, and we prevailed—thanks to you. You deserve to be very proud of what you have accomplished. 


What You Can Do 

Please take a moment to thank Governor Cuomo for signing this humane legislation into state law. It is important that we let our elected officials know when we are pleased with their actions, rather than contacting them only when we want something. Thanking the governor for a job well done will make him more receptive to supporting pro-animal measures in the future. 

On behalf of the puppies, thank you for your help!