The NYC Department of Health Requirements

*The New York City Department of Health requires that all animals be up to date with current Rabies, Canine Distemper and Bordetella vaccinations before any grooming can take place.


In an effort to be compliant with the New York City Department of Health and to ensure that we are staying true to a super friendly, super clean and super professional pet grooming environment for your furry friends all pets must have the following updated vaccinations to utilize our services:  

1)    Rabies

2)    Canine Distemper

     a)  A booster commonly referred to as DH2PP, DA2PP, DHPP, or Distemper/Parvo and is given in some variation of a combination vaccine that also protects your pet from several other serious diseases, such as parvovirus in addition to hepatitis (adenovirus), and parainfluenza.


     a)  This is intended to prevent the bacteria commonly known as Kennel Cough. The NYC Department of Health now requires this vaccine every six months, not annually; as this vaccine is updated regularly for new strands of the bacteria, similar to the flu vaccine for humans. Please note that the Bordetella vaccine does not cover all the strands of bacteria connected to Kennel Cough and therefore it is likely for your furry friend to contract symptoms even if he is vaccinated. Additionally, the bacteria is air born and can possibly travel across a few city blocks, making it nearly impossible to pinpoint the source of the exposure.

We require these things of all our furry friends so that we can provide them with the best experience possible and so that you can rest assured that we are doing all that we can to ensure the health and safety of your furry friends and our staff.