Dominik started as a dog walker many years ago but soon discovered his passion was helping people with various canine problems and educating them about how to properly care for, train and handle their dogs. 
He took a training course in Munich, Germany and received a certificate in behavior adjustment training.
He specializes in behavior adjustment training and is comfortable handling any dog. 
He has worked with most breeds with aggressive behaviors, shy, anxious, dominant, and over-excited . 
Dominik rehabilitates and trains dogs by working not only with the dog, but most importantly with the owner. 
He can help people achieve a happy, healthy and balanced life with their dog!"

Please feel free to contact us to schedule your appointment with Dominik today. After you have completed  a session with Dominik, you will receive a 5% discount and free teeth brushing on your next Full Grooming Service with us. 

*FREE Meet & Greet

Bronze Package - 3 Sessions $400.00 

Silver Package - 6 Sessions $650.00

Gold Package - 10 Sessions $950.00 

Puppy package - 8 Sessions $800


Success Stories


"We got the puppy training package when Greta was about 8 weeks old and we are so incredibly glad that we did. She is such a perfect dog and we have zero issues with her. People keep commenting on how well behaved she is. She comes when called, sits at the snap of a finger and is great with other dogs and kids. 
When she first met Dominik she immediately crawled into his lap and fell asleep. We knew that we'd found the perfect trainer for Greta" 
- Petra


"Our dog Brian had already had many trainers in his life and none of them were able to solve his aggression towards other people and dogs. Walking him used to be a nightmare. He growled and lunged at pretty much every person that walked by and would lose his mind if he only as much as saw another dog nearby. 
I found Dominik on "Yelp" and after an intense three months of training I have seen significant change in Brian. I'm able to walk him like a normal dog, he is able to handle other people around him. We even had a house warming party with about 20 guests and he did great. 
He actually met Greta (one of Dominik's other clients' dog) last weekend and they greeted each other without any issues and walked side by side for over an hour - something I never thought was even possible. It was the first time ever in Brian's life that he sniffed and walked next to another dog. Thank you so much Dominik! This would not have been possible without your help.
- Owen